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Sell your tracks in the world’s best electronic music selling platform, climbing in the ranks and getting progressively more money from your sells. Work as a professional record producer and kick-start your career and win money with us!


Create your producer account in just a couple of minutes

Establish your own shop and receive order for custom tracks

Upload your best tracks, accompanied by attractive covers

Receive your money in the most convenient way

Level up and improve your earnings

Be the best and become part of the hotpicks


*75% per sale

*Fees charged by your payment processor not included

Become a ghostproducer and earn the 75 percent of every ready-made track or custom track.

5% per referral

When a new user clicks your referral link you will receive 5% of that person's first purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I start to upload my tracks?

Create an account here and choose the option “be a producer”. Once registered, you’ll be able to upload your first track in just a couple minutes.

How can I withdrawal my earnings?

You can withdrawal your earnings using any of the following services: Paypal (Payza, Payoneer and Skrill very soon). In any case you will receive them after one business day.

How much money can I get selling my track?

You can obtain as much as 90% of the retail price of the track. As an example, if you are selling a track for 500€, you can earn as much as 400€. Here at we want you to work with us, that’s why we’ve designed a fair and generous system of percentages that rewards your work and the time you’ve invested in your career with us. Check out in this page our percentage table, based on your level here at

Can I choose the price for my tracks?

You can choose the price category at which you want to sell your track, the categories range in price between 200€ and 500€. Your price selection will be revised and approved by our technicians, they will determine whether your selection is appropriate based on the quality of the track (composition, production, mix and mastering) and the quality of the cover of the track.

Are there any requisites to upload my tracks?

- Quality and originality in the compositions. You will be personally responsible if you commit plagiarism or you use non authorized samples, your account will be permanently closed.

- Strict sound quality: good mix and masterization, it’s a prerequisite to obtain the standard commercial volume. All the details about the format requisites to upload your tracks are located in the track upload page.

- High quality in the graphics uploaded by the user: both in the track covers and in the profile image. If we encounter low quality graphic material we will ask you to re-upload the material with better quality or our own technicians will substitute your graphics with higher quality graphics.

- The seller will have to choose an appropriate username and an adequate and well written biography.

- Everything will be subject to the quality standards that we from want to establish.

How does the Hotpicks work?

The Hot picks chart is curated by our own staff at Our selection will be based on the involvement of the producer, the quality of his tracks and the quality of the covers that accompany those tracks.

Are there any confidentiality agreements?

Yes, to upload a track to, you have to accept our terms and conditions, taking into account the legal repercussions that follow. You will not be allowed to announce that you are the artist or the original proprietary of the track under any circumstances.

Can I upload my track to more than one website?

No, all the tracks have to be sold exclusively through We have an advanced “fingerprint technique” to detect duplicate tracks, tracks sold on other platforms, tracks used by DJs or tracks that appear on TV or radio. You will be penalized with the closure of your account and the loss of your seller level, we will also inform all other sites on which you hosted the same track.

Are loops allowed?

The answer is: it depends. You can use loops moderately, only some battery elements and details that complement the track’s production. You cannot use loops excessively, for example, you may not use loops in the main melodies.

What about copyright?

When you sell a track on you give all your copyrights to the buyer. The buyer will then be the owner of the track and will be able to exploit it in any way he wishes and will be able to act as the sole owner.

Can I pull off my track from

You can always take your track off, provided that the track hasn’t been sold yet in a period of six months.

How Can I start offer custom ghost production?

Go to the custom tracks setting page in your account menu and configure your shop in minutes.

What custom track files must I upload?

You have to upload the master mp3, master wav, mixdown and stems. Optionally you can upload the project file, acapella version, or cover art.

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