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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get when I buy a track?

You will acquire a track that complies with all the quality standards, exclusive and unique in WAV and MP3 formats (masterized and mixdown) with the utmost quality (once you buy it it’s removed from our website), and its stems (mixdown). You will also get all of the copyrights from the producer of the track. The cover artwork is not included.

What can I do with the track I’ve bought?

Since when you buy any of our tracks you obtain 100% of the copyrights you become the sole and exclusive owner of the track. This means you may use the track in whichever way you want. You can present yourself as the owner and exploit it commercially in whichever way and in whichever medium you want.

What are our quality standards?

As you will be able to ascertain listening to any track on our platform, all of our tracks follow the strict quality standards. This means that we certify that each and every track is composed and produced professionally, and has undergone an optimal process of mix and mastering to be reproduced in any and all platform, with a high sound quality and a commercial volume level.

Is the precedence of the tracks confidential?

Yes it is, all the producers that work with us on our platform have accepted our terms and conditions, this means that they are legally obliged to comply with our confidentiality agreement.

How does the Hot picks chart work?

The Hot picks chart is curated by our own staff at Our selection will be based on the involvement of the producer, the quality of his tracks and the quality of the covers that accompany those tracks.

Can I return or exchange a track?

Unfortunately this is not possible. On the platform you can however listen to the track before you buy it, so you can know exactly what you are buying.

How can I buy and pay for a track?

You can buy as many tracks as you want, at any time. In a couple minutes you can add your favorite tracks to the shopping basket and pay them comfortably with your credit card.

What makes so good? is not only a music marketplace, it’s a whole experience. You will be able to browse through all the user profiles, save your favorite tracks, follow your favorite producers and be on top of the latest news.

Can I order a custom track?

Yes!, go to the platform, hear your favorite producers and choose one to work with.

Can I get the project file?

Yes! hear our amazing tracks with project file, check the DAW available and add the project in the cart.

Must I pay to order a custom track?

Yes, we need a payment in advance of 50% of the total price to start with the custom track work. Understand that the producer needs a warranty that his work will be rewarded. For this first payment you will receive a demo (master.mp3).

What if I don't like the first demo (master.mp3)?

No problem, you can request the producer for a new demo.

The project file may contain external plugins?

Yes, the client should know that the project file may contain external plugins (VST, FX, mixing plugins,ect).

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